We will find the perfect legal match

We will find the most suitable legal professionals for you effortlessly. The widest legal networks in Finland and our unique legal expertise will guarantee excellent risk-free results.

Why use Paragraaffi’s headhunter?

The expert of experts

We are specialized in legal professionals and we will recognize your needs proactively. We can evaluate the candidates’ competence reliably because we are legal experts.


As our client you will benefit from our legal networks, which are the widest in Finland. Active candidate contacting, our digital media and our vast database will encompass different types of legal professionals effectively. When it comes to contacting, we do what others dare not do – always.

Understanding the industry

We know what is happening in the legal field, so our clients will gain insight into the open position and the development of the field. We will consult our client on creating competitive conditions and help to recognize their strengths.


Your satisfaction is very important to us, therefore we have guaranteed our service: if we don’t find a suitable candidate for you, you will pay nothing. We also guarantee the period of probation: if the employment relationship is terminated cause of the employee, we will find you a new one free of charge.

How does the recruitment process work?

Consulting and defining the profile

Our legal and HR experts are always at your disposal during the entire recruitment process. The sought after profile will be defined together and we will also accentuate the strengths of your organization.

Active headhunting and interviews

During the headhunting we will use our unique legal networks, the most comprehensive legal CV database and we will also actively contact any suitable candidates.

Presenting the candidates and supporting the decision-making process

We will present the most suitable candidates for your position and also support your decision-making process to ensure a successful outcome. You will always get our notes on the best candidates.

Get to know Paragraaffi’s effortless and resource-efficient recruitment process:

Effortless and resource-efficient recruitment process

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