The attorney client work is all about people. While we get to know our clients as well as the respected opponent, we also continuously surround ourselves with unique individuals who form the very core of our operations.

We find pragmatic and workable solutions for complex problems. Our key legal areas include M&A, Joint Ventures, Corporate and Commercial, Employment, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration. Our clients vary in size from small and medium-sized companies and family enterprises to international public companies.

We would like to welcome you to be part of our team during your traineeship. We are an effective, innovative and highly motivated team, and we always cheer for each other. Our atmosphere is easygoing, since in our office we believe that low hierarchy and a great teamwork helps all of us for better achievements together.

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Trainee program

We appreciate trainees who are ambitious, talented, have fresh ideas and thirst for knowledge with good language and communication skills.

Our mission is to offer you as our trainee versatile tasks in order to help you to learn as much as you can, since we understand that you thirst for the insight of your future profession. We see our trainees as a valued part of our team, and therefore the tasks you will be given, will always be connected to ongoing client cases from our fields of expertise. This ensures that you will not only be able to see, but you will also write, learn and contribute in much while directly benefiting the customer.

Having said that, we highly value your wellbeing while you work with us, which is why you don´t need to hesitate to ask for help if you get stuck. There is always someone to help you out, since we work as a team and we back each other. To us, being a lawyer is never a spurt but a marathon, therefore it is important to us that you will also enjoy working with us.

While we give you the opportunity to participate in much, we guarantee that in return you will learn even more.

As a trainee at Hästö & Co, your tasks will for example include:

– research and fact-finding
– drafting judicial memos and other documents
– assisting our lawyers in different assignments
– judicial translations
– various office routines

Our traineeships are typically full-time and normally last four months starting three times a year. We let you know about open positions via our website, Linkedin and If we don’t currently have any positions open you can send your open application and CV via email

”Hästö’s atmosphere is welcoming and supportive for which big thanks belong to the brilliant staff. As an Associate Trainee, your tasks relate to challenging client assignments varying in the fields of business law. At Hästö, everyone is in the same level of hierarchy and your input is appreciated. I can truly recommend.”
– Kaisa Maukonen, Associate Trainee 2022

Basic Information

Revenue 1.7 MEUR (2020)

Amount of personnel 13

​We employ students in Helsinki



We recruit 1-4 students on an annual basis

We recruit ~1 legal professional on an annual basis

We accept written applications and video applications

We arrange 1 interview round

We accept open applications at


What kind of experience do you expect from the candidates?
We require at least a basic understanding of the different branches of law. In other words, we are looking for applicants who are past their bachelor’s studies. Bachelor’s thesis can either be underway or already done.

Required or favored languages
Excellent Finnish and English, Swedish and other languages will be considered as an advantage

What kind of value do you put on grades?
While good grades gives an insight to the level of knowledge in our field, we value also other experience and therefore it is the person, who´s motivation, enthusiasm and personality counts the most.

What else do you value in an employee?
Entrepreneurial mindset, enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge and a will to work as a part of a team.



Students are employed for fixed-term.

Our compensation level follows the recommendations of the Association of Finnish Lawyers.

Working with us

Henry Firtser
Associate Trainee 2018

“Working as a trainee at Hästö & Co was awesome. The assignments were interesting, challenging and very varying. In addition to supporting and motivating working environment, the trainees really have a shot at deepen their knowledge on different fields of law. I can sincerely recommend!”

Saara Väätäinen
Senior associate

“I started working at Hästö & Co as a trainee in 2015. Many years have passed and I am still working here, now as an attorney-at-law and Senior Associate. Hästö & Co is the perfect combination of a second family and a place to develop professionally every single day. All of our lawyers are encouraged to follow their own professional interests which I think is great. We get a lot of responsibility early on in our careers but support from more senior colleagues is always available. Time has gone by fast!”

Kirsikka Lukkarinen
Associate (Associate Trainee 2019)

“The atmosphere at Hästö & Co is genuinely supportive and everyone really wants you to learn continuously, therefore I got to experience interesting assignments on daily basis. During my traineeship I was presented the opportunity to continue working as associate upon graduation. The decision to stay at Hästö & Co was very easy.”

More information

Sanna Nummi
050 55 11 941

Emma Bäckman
050 3555 119

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