Avail is a modern specialist business law firm focusing on providing solution-driven advice to our clients. We have a long and proven track record in our core practice areas corporate transactions, technology, dispute resolution and conflict management – across a wide range of industries. All of this contributes to a deep understanding of the needs of each client.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality advice with a pragmatic approach. We guarantee personal partner attention on every assignment regardless of its type and size. What makes us stand out is our distinctive business model: a team of seasoned experts manages all facets of each assignment. This not only ensures a high level of expertise but also adds value to our clients through a proactive and seamless service.



At Avail, we believe in empowering our team members to shape their own destinies. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to career paths.

Here, you are in charge of your own professional journey, and we provide the support and resources needed for your growth, while also expecting dedication and commitment in return. In this environment, career paths are not set in stone; they are dynamic and adaptable.

Your success is our success, and together, we build a future where your individual talents and ambitions align with our shared goals.


Our team brings a wealth of experience from prime firms, ensuring that we deliver the highest caliber of service to our clients.

What sets us apart is not only our extensive professional backgrounds but also our commitment to continuous learning. Many of our team members hold multiple degrees, and some have studied and/or worked at top institutions globally, contributing to a dynamic and intellectually stimulating work environment.

When you choose Avail, you’re choosing a team that combines seasoned professionals with diverse global experiences, dedicated to delivering attentive and actionable solutions for our clients.



Our collaborative approach at Avail goes beyond teamwork—it’s a commitment to ensuring that nobody is left alone in the deep end.

We believe in the strength of collaboration and support, where each team member, regardless of their experience level, is an integral part of the collective success. At Avail, you’ll find a unique environment where collaboration isn’t just a concept; it’s a daily practice.

We take pride in our concept of a mix of seasoned professionals and selected few younger talents, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of shared knowledge and mentorship. Join us in an environment where collaboration is more than just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our shared success.


At Avail, our culture is a dynamic fusion of professionalism, inclusivity, and a shared passion for excellence.
We operate on a foundation of meritocracy, where fresh thinking and entrepreneurial spirit are not just encouraged but celebrated.

Our workplace thrives on the principles of low hierarchy, ensuring that every voice is heard and every idea is given due consideration. We believe in a culture of openness and collaboration that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute.

Join us in a workplace where your unique talents are recognized, and your professional journey is celebrated as an integral part of our collective success.



At Avail, determination is our driving force. We empower every team member to take charge of their professional journey, providing the support and resources needed for growth. Together, we forge a path to success through dedication, resilience, and a shared commitment to excellence.


At Avail, we embody a spirit of continuous improvement, always seeking ways to refine our approach and elevate our standards. We believe in the power of growth, both individually and collectively, as we work towards achieving our goals and delivering results that leave our clients truly satisfied.


Equity guides our approach at Avail. We value fresh thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. We prioritize the recognition and reward of talent and contributions based on merit. Our culture of meritocracy fosters an environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed based on their abilities and achievements.


Collaboration is key to our success at Avail. We prioritize teamwork and support, ensuring that every team member plays an integral role in our collective achievements. With a culture of openness and inclusivity, we foster an environment where ideas are shared, valued, and implemented collaboratively.

Our Journey

The story of Avail traces back to the early years of our founders’ careers when they first crossed paths while working together as associates. Their paths diverged as some of them left the firm to work elsewhere, where they met with the other founders of Avail. After some years, amidst the challenges of the Covid era, the time was ripe for the next phase of our journey.

At the heart of it all was the concept of modern client experience. With a desire to be different while maintaining credibility and professionalism, we conceptualized Avail and its unique business model. While not aiming to reinvent the wheel, our goal was to create something fresh and distinctive, grounded in our collective expertise and shared ethos.


I never wanted to become a lawyer.

Let me explain. While the realism of my ambition may be questioned, I was secretly hoping to become a professional athlete. Law, as a necessary evil, served merely as a backup plan, albeit a very consistent one. Evidence shows that since the age of 12, sensing that “athlete” wouldn’t be the expected answer when asked, I steadfastly declared that I would become a lawyer when I grew up. And so it happened.

With the same consistency, from day one of law school, I knew I wanted to work at a prestigious law firm, specializing in M&A. To me that was the crown jewel of the profession. And so it happened.

A symbolic pinnacle was probably when I got the chance to work at a top global firm in New York. Technically, it was the realization of the goals I wrote down in class as a 12-year-old kid. However, a certain sense of hollowness crept in during the following years. Again, for reasons I couldn’t quite articulate, I always yearned for the freedom to do things my way. Not in complete defiance of tradition, but with the autonomy to make decisions and face the consequences, both good and bad. It became clear that the only way to achieve this was to start an own law firm. And so it happened.

Drawing from my admiration for athletes, I hold dear values like understanding the correlation (or non-correlation) between effort and success, true coaching, accountability, resilience and stamina. These are the principles we embody at Avail. Building trust with clients and colleagues, and embarking on a journey together towards shared goals, is exciting. We are a team of (corporate) athletes, driven by the pursuit of being better than yesterday.

Reflecting on my journey, I can see that not everything is black and white and life isn’t always straightforward. Being a lawyer isn’t that bad. In ten years, I may look back and wonder again why I thought the way I did. But I hope to also look back at Avail with pride, knowing that we’ve created something unique and impactful. And so it will happen.

Jesper Kostiainen

Founding Partner

I work as a senior associate at Avail, focusing on M&A and corporate law. My career path has not quite been what I expected when I graduated in 2015 as a fresh tax lawyer, as I thought back then. Already during the very first steps of my career I got attracted to the dynamics and intensity of working with M&A projects, which soon became my core legal area of expertise. After some five years of working within M&A with an emphasis on private equity transactions in a large Nordic law firm in Helsinki and Stockholm, I decided to follow another passion and take a break from full-time work and return back to university. I started studying biology of physical activity at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences of the University of Jyväskylä, specializing in sports biomechanics.

The pace of student life also made it possible to focus on sports with a different level of commitment and to reach for my potential as an athlete. As I never considered this new phase of life as a complete career turn, but rather a long ‘gap year’ from practicing law, I have been fortunate to have an employer that has been supportive of my personal project and has provided an opportunity to work part-time with flexible hours while finalizing my master’s degree. I think it is an illustrative example of the agility of Avail as a firm and the pragmatic approach to different circumstances their employees may have.


Senior Associate

I joined Avail in 2024 in the pursuit of growth and opportunity having previously worked with corporate law and M&A transactions at one of the biggest international law firms since my graduation in 2021. From the very beginning, I’ve felt very welcome and have built up a very positive impression of what it’s like to work here.

The organisation is young and agile enabling efficient ways of working, meaning that you can focus on the essentials. At Avail, you really have the chance to put your learning into use and grow your role by working directly with the partners and performing the same tasks they do. While encouraged to take on more responsibility, I appreciate the fact that I can rely on the support of everyone on the team.

The constant exchange of ideas and fostering entrepreneurial spirit also means that you get to adopt a certain mindset already as a young lawyer. Still being in the early stages of my career, I really value the more experienced lawyers sharing their vision and working in an environment where effective legal strategies, techniques and negotiation tactics are shared with the whole team, allowing me to learn from real-world experiences. There’s great room for flexibility and ideas and with a smaller team, I also get to be a part of shaping the practices at the firm.

At Avail we work as one collective, so even if I specialise in corporate law and M&A, I also have the opportunity to work across ”practice groups” in different areas of law that interest me. As transactions can sometimes be demanding and taxing, it’s also important for me to maintain a proper work-life balance. Avail has a very genuine and friendly atmosphere in this regard, we’re a close group and everyone’s looked after really well.

Jan Zelmenis


Basic information

Founded : 2021
Turnover: 2,7 MEUR (8/2023)
Employees: 9 + you?


Who we are looking for

You have some two years of experience in our fields of practice M&A, technology and dispute resolution

You are freshly and broadly thinking advisor with an entrepreneurial spirit

You resonate with our values


We are always on the lookout for talented professionals who are passionate about advancing their careers, collaborating projects, and delivering excellent service to our clients.

If you are interested in discovering more about our team or submitting an open application, feel free to connect with Jesper.


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Jesper Kostiainen

Founding Partner

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