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We are one team with no borders. We offer exceptional career opportunities to our lawyers, aspiring graduates and business support professionals, in an environment that is challenging, rewarding and, we believe, truly different from our competitors. Supporting professional growth is one of our cornerstones.

As a global law firm with offices in over 40 countries we offer a global team of trusted advisors going above and beyond to challenge the status-quo. In the Nordic countries, we have over 450 lawyers working across five locations – Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Oslo.

We never stand still. We are ambitious and never afraid to innovate. We redefine the possible.

Are you up for the challenge? If yes, there could be a bright future for you at DLA Piper.

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Our people, culture and values

Our people are the soul of our firm. Our culture derives from our corporate values and our different personalities. For us diversity is a unique blend of talents, skills, experiences and perspectives that makes each of us an individual.

Trainee Program

Junior Trainee

A great opportunity to become familiar with the wide range of work tasks of legal work.

This trainee program is intended for students in early stage of their studies, from first-year onward.

Traineeship runs for 12 months. Working is part-time, approximately 1-3 days per week.

Our Junior Trainee program provides an outstanding opportunity to experience what a global law firm can provide as an employer. As a Junior Trainee you keep things running at the office by assisting our people in many ways. There is no day like another! Helping with day-to-day business matters, such as compiling materials, couriering and mailing documents, as well as setting up events are daily tasks. You need to have the ambition, we will help with the rest.

Legal Trainee

Trainees work for all practice groups and assist our lawyers in their daily work.

We offer our trainees the possibility to get familiar with broad range of challenges our lawyers meet.

The traineeship runs for four months and is full-time working.

As a Legal Trainee you get to work with all of our practice groups and assist our lawyers in their daily work. The duties will include for example legal research, translations and drafting of various documents, and contacting authorities. The Trainee Program includes an induction and each trainee has an assigned personal tutor, who supports and mentors with the assignments. Trainees are welcome to participate in professional training events and other events organized by DLA Piper Helsinki.

Working at DLA Piper

Associate Juulia Järvilehto

“I first started my journey at DLA Piper as a trainee. The traineeship provided a unique opportunity to immerse myself into the international atmosphere and work with interesting assignments. After this, I was presented with an opportunity to continue working with the firm as an associate. DLA Piper provides an opportunity to work with challenging international assignments with great colleagues. I can definitely recommend applying to our trainee program.”

Trainee Axel

“The best thing about my traineeship at DLA Piper has definitely been the international atmosphere, but also all the versatile tasks and areas of law that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Through working with interesting and challenging tasks, I feel that I have really developed here both as a person and as a legal expert. Combining work with my ongoing studies has also worked well, and it really feels like I get to utilize the skills I have learned in practise. In addition, we have an incredibly good team spirit with all the trainees here at DLA Piper!”

Junior Trainee Kia

“During my traineeship at DLA Piper I have been able to see the everyday life of an international law firm with a wide range of diverse and interesting tasks, which has made my traineeship even better than I expected. I’ve been able to build up my own legal expertise with lawyers and experts who are to provide support and advice regarding career development that makes working at DLA Piper an enriching job opportunity. Concluding my experience of working at DLA Piper as a trainee is that the atmosphere we have is motivational and supportive and there are plenty of amazing people and experts who are willing to take the extra mile for the best end results, what motivates myself to do that too.”

Avoimet työpaikat

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Juristien rekrytoinnissa substanssiosaamisen lisäksi merkityksellisiksi teemoiksi nousevat esimerkiksi hakijan asenne, arvot sekä sopivuus työnantajayritykseen. Rekrytoinnissa pyritäänkin pääsemään CV:ta syvemmälle henkilön kiinnostuksen kohteisiin sekä muuhun osaamiseen. Näihin teemoihin perehdytään yhdessä DLA Piperin Osakas Salla Tuomisen sekä HR Manager Katja Kanervan kanssa. Jaksossa kuullaan myös Sallan ja Katjan vinkit työnhakuun sekä kuinka he itse valmistautuisivat työhaastatteluun.

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Basic information

Revenue 17+ MEUR
Amount of personnel 70
We employ students in Helsinki


We recruit 6-8 students on an annual basis.
We recruit 4-6 legal professionals on an annual basis​.
Next trainee application period is in September 2022. Open applications can be sent here


Students are employed for fixed-term.
Our benefits include luncheon and other employee benefits.
Our compensation level follows the recommendations by The Association of Finnish Lawyers


Who is a suitable candidate for the trainee positions?
All open-minded law students who are eager to learn what business like in an international law firm is and who stand behind and act through our values. Legal Trainee Program is meant for students who are at the final stages of their law studies and are excited to learn across different practice groups during a full time, four month fixed term traineeship.

Required or favoured languages
Being a global law firm, we require good command of the English language, in addition to fluent skills in Finnish. We also consider Swedish as an asset, since we have close cooperation between the different DLA Piper offices in the Nordics.

What kind of value do you put on grades?
Good grades show motivation, but mostly we value candidate’s personality and eagerness to learn. Generally, good grades from courses that are relevant for the job tasks in question are an asset.​

What else do you value in an employee?
We look for people who are collaborative, enthusiastic and committed to quality. Our people stand behind and play through our values.

Additional Information

Riikka Autio

Partner, Head of Employment Trainee Recruitment

+358 50 344 6582

Katja Kanerva

HR Manager Other Recruitment

+358 50 467 4812