Are you ready to grow and develop both personally and professionally? This is what we can offer you:

Training: We invest in learning by providing new employees with extensive induction training and by offering all of our employees high-quality training programmes to support their personal career path and development as a professional.

Support for professional growth: You will be surrounded by a team of professionals that will help you to discover a fresh approach and new working methods. If you are open-minded and ready to work as part of a tight-knit team, you can easily relate to our vision.

Opportunities: Our trainee programmes prepare students for duties handled by junior lawyers and provide excellent work experience and references for future challenges.

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  • For law students at the early stage of their studies, typically first/second-year law students
  • Part-time work, 1–3 days per week
  • For third/fourth-year law students (a minimum of 160 study credits required)
  • Part-time work 2–3 days per week, which gives you the possibility to finalize your studies
  • For students who are finalising their studies
  • Full day job for a fixed period of six months with two starting dates, March and September
  • As an Associate Trainee you can concentrate on a particular field of law that interests you the most, working closely with one of our teams
  • For students finalising their studies
  • Primarily intended for our Associate Trainees
  • Excellent opportunity to draw upon the expertise of our professionals


Every year, our team welcomes up to fifty students from different stages in their studies.

Experience: It is important for students to gain work experience in the field as early as possible and to create contacts for the future. Through our Trainee Programmes you will experience working at one of the largest and most experienced law firms in Finland.

Flexibility: Our trainees especially appreciate the opportunity to combine hands-on experience with academics at an early stage in their studies. Our Associate Trainee programme, which is aimed at more advanced students, supports law students’ smooth transition to working life. We welcome dozens of students to our team annually.

Student collaboration: We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our cooperation with students and student organisations. We arrange, for example, events for students, such as office excursions, seminars, and workshops at universities across Finland.

  • Listen to our latest student podcast.
  • Read more about our trainee programmes on our website.

Associate Henrik Uoti

“I began my Borenius career in the spring of 2019. My first position was as an Associate Trainee on the M&A team where I had the chance to work on various different M&A assignments together with a capa-ble team of Borenius experts. After finalising my studies and working elsewhere for a while, I returned to Borenius the following year to write my thesis with the firm’s support. In the autumn of 2020, I was very glad to start to work as an Associate on the same M&A team where I began my career.”

Associate Rilla Ojala

“During my KM traineeship, I had the chance to assist all of the different teams at Borenius, which helped tremendously in finding what I am interested in. I decided to apply for an Associate Trainee position that opened on Borenius’ Dispute Resolution team. I wrote my thesis as a Thesis Trainee with the firm’s support and moved on to the position of Associate on the same team in the autumn 2020.”

Associate Hertta Puro

“I began my Borenius career in the early spring of 2020 as an Associate Trainee on the IP & Technology team. I felt lucky that I was given the chance to work on various different IP and technology related assignments together with a team of inspiring Borenius experts.”


  • Revenue EUR 50 million

  • Number of employees 200.

  • Our trainees work in Helsinki, but we also have offices in Tampere, London and New York

  • We are defined by our values – succeeding together, respecting others, and taking pride in our work. These are at the heart of our approach to work. We foster a culture of respect within our organisation, which we embrace and demonstrate in our dealings with clients, business partners and the community as a whole. 

  • In addition to our commitment to applying our values in everything we do, our carefully selected pro bono partners and programmes reflect our commitment to promoting diversity and social inclusion. For example, we serve as the main partner of the Helsinki Pride Community and the Finnish Paralympic Committee.



  • We recruit
      • first or second-year students on an annual basis.
      • advanced students on an annual basis.
      • 30 soon-to-graduate students on an annual basis.
      • 20 legal professionals on an annual basis.
  • We arrange interview rounds.
  • We run several recruitment rounds each year but you can always send us an open application: apply.


What kind of experience do you expect candidates to have?
We value previous work experience in the field, but it is not a requirement.

Do you require any specific language skills?
We require excellent skills in English and Finnish. Swedish skills are considered a strong asset.

What kind of emphasis do you put on grades?
We value academic success, but always consider each candidate and application as a whole and take all skills, assets and merits into account.

What else do you look for in an employee?
We are an organisation that values innovativeness and independency. If you are open-minded and ready to work together as part of a tight-knit team, you can easily relate to our vision.



Students are employed for a fixed-term period.

Our benefits include lunch vouchers as well as sports and culture vouchers. We offer all our employees high-quality training programmes to support their personal career path and development as a professional.

We offer our trainees a competitive salary in accordance with the Finnish Bar Association’s recommendations.


Would you like to know more about working at Borenius? Our current Trainees and Associates have now covered the most frequently asked questions in terms of our trainee programmes. Find the full list of questions and answers on our website.

What makes for a good application?

A good application is carefully drafted, clear and concise. Your application letter should not be more than just one page long, and it should give us a clear indication of what motivates you and whether you are suited for the open position. Please remember to enclose a well-structured CV, any appendices we may require (e.g. a transcript of your studies) and any other additional materials (a video perhaps).

How easy is it to combine my studies with working part time as a Junior Trainee or KM Trainee?

Our Junior Trainees and KM Trainees work, on average, two to three shifts per week. Both our KM and Junior Trainees will organise their shifts together with their teams to ensure that no one needs to skip a class or an exam. In the summer, trainees are welcome to organise their shifts in a way that allows them to take more time off. In a nutshell, our shift system is very flexible in order to make it as easy as possible for our trainees to combine their studies with working part time.

What kind of support does Borenius offer for its Associate Trainees?

Each Associate Trainee undergoes a week of extensive induction training to get a sense of how we do things here at Borenius. The induction week also serves as a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues and the systems we use. In addition, during the induction training, the exiting Associate Trainees get the chance to brief the newcomers on any incomplete assignments and on the culture of each different practice team.


Työnhaku -webinaarisarja: Urapolut

Webinaarisarjan viimeisessä osassa Boreniuksella Counselina työskennellyt Janni Hiltunen kertoo, millaisia urapolkuja asianajotoimistoissa on olemassa. Webinaarissa tarkastelemme sitä, millaisia mahdollisuuksia asianajotoimisto tarjoaa oikeustieteen opiskelijoille ja vastavalmistuneille, sekä millaisia mahdollisuuksia oman ammatillisen kehityksen ja osaamisen tueksi on olemassa. Tarkastelemme myös sitä, millaisten eri reittien ja urapolkujen myötä asianajotoimistoon voi työllistyä. 

Katso koko webinaarisarja >


Verojuristin työ: ennakkoluulot vs. todellisuus

Tässä jaksossa pääset heittäytymään mukaan verojuristin työhön.

Kuulemme Katariinan vieraaksi saapuneen Aapo Pessin taustasta, hänen nykyisestä roolistaan Boreniuksella ja pohdimme eroja asianajotoimiston ja Big4:n välillä. Kuulet myös ajatuksia digitalisaation ja teknologisten innovaatioiden vaikutuksista verojuristin roolin näkökulmasta.

Traineesta juristiksi

Miten harjoittelut valmistavat siirtymistä juristiksi? Millaisia mahdollisuuksia organisaatio tarjoaa henkilökohtaiseen kehittymiseen?

Jaksossa Katariina Tuomela on mikrofonin äärellä yhdessä Asianajotoimisto Boreniuksen Associate juristien Iina Väisäsen ja Kukka-Maaria Martikaisen kanssa. Heidän keskustelussaan käydään läpi trainee-ohjelman ja organisaation tarjoaman tuen merkityksestä ammatilliseen kehitykseen, sekä syvennytään työelämän monimuotoisuuteen. Lisäksi Iina ja Kukkis jakavat merkittävimpiä oppeja ja ajatuksia tähänastiselta uraltaan.

Kansainvälinen ura

Kansainvälisyys on rikkaus työelämässä – oli sitten kyse kielitaidosta, monikulttuurisessa työympäristössä työskentelystä tai kansainvälisistä verkostoista. Globaali ura juridiikan parissa houkuttelee monia ja mahdollisuuksia kansainvälistymiselle on tarjolla myös Suomessa. Juristipodin uusimmassa jaksossa perehdytään Boreniuksen tarjoamiin kansainvälisiin uramahdollisuuksiin yhdessä Senior Associate Jonna Yli-Äyhön ja Associate Nelli Nurmisen kanssa.

Korona ja työelämä

Korona määritti vuotta 2020, mikä on näkynyt vahvasti myös työelämässä ja perinteiset työntekotavat kokivatkin suuren muutoksen etätöihin siirtymisen myötä. Isot officet vaihtuivat kotitoimistoihin ja pellavahaarniskat huppareihin. Toimintaympäristön muuttuminen on myös vaatinut uusien toimintatapojen omaksumista. Miten korona käytännössä vaikutti juristien toimintatapoihin ja miltä tulevaisuus näyttää? Aiheeseen perehdytään yhdessä Borenius Asianajotoimiston General Counsel Niko Jakobssonin kanssa.

Juristin arkkityyppi – Millainen juristin pitää olla?

Jaksossa pohditaan juristin ominaisuuksia, monimuotoisuutta ja kulttuurin johtamista asianajomaailmassa. Vieraana Borenius Asianajotoimiston Managing Partner Casper Herler.


Erika Rönnblad
Talent Acquisition Manager
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Kia Koskivirta
Human Resources Specialist
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